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Kindergarten Specials Schedule to change January 14th

January 3, 2019


Please be advised that beginning Monday, January 14, 2019, the Kindergarten students will be going through a bit of a change to their schedule.  We currently have each student go through a rotation of "Specials", Art, Music, Gym, Library and Character Education.  The students have a different special each day.  While this has been a good model for our older students, it is proving to be a challenge to our youngest learners.  Therefore, we are changing how we deliver those classes to our Kindergarteners.  Beginning Monday, January 14th, we will move our Kindergarten students through those specials in blocks.  What this means is that if your child has gym, they will have gym everyday for 4 weeks for 45 minutes.  At the end of 4 weeks, they will move to the next special and stay in that special for the next 4 weeks and so on, until the end of the year.  We are trying this model so to help the students build a relationship with the teachers who teach those disciplines.  Currently the students only see those teachers 1 time per week. The best practices in education tell us that it takes time to build a relationship between teacher and student and relationship building leads to student success, our goal for all students.

Your child's teacher will be attaching the rotation schedule your child will follow for the remainder of the year.  Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the school at the number listed below.

Happy New Year and thank you for your understanding.


Lori Sims


412-771-3213 ext. 3000

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