Transition Education

Transition Education at Sto-Rox JSHS

The Transition Education program at Sto-Rox JSHS is an academic program for at-risk students who have been in alternative academic placement prior to coming to Sto-Rox. These students require a transitional period in order to be able to return to regular education classrooms and succeed.

Our program offers a controlled environment within the JSHS to fulfill the needs of these students and prepare them for transition back into the JSHS environment.


Math, Science, Social Studies and English/LA are offered as core courses. Students also have the opportunity to move into Specials classes such as Health Science, Discovery Lab and Physical Education.


Mrs. Carrie Palermo - Ext. 1101

Math and Social Studies

[email protected]


Mr. Nolan Larry - Ext. 1101

Science, Math, Health Science and Discovery Lab

[email protected]


Mr. Mike Duca - Ext. 1307

English and Special Education

[email protected]


Ms. Cindy Alexander - Ext. 1101

Transition Aide 

Mr. Steve Bressler - Ext. 1101
Physical Education

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