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Character Education with Ms. Mihalov

At Sto - Rox Elementary, we focus on being safe, respectful, and responsible. It's not just a phrase, it is an ideal that is worked into every class, every day. One way that we will reinforce how to become a safe, respectful, and repsonsible citizen outside of the walls of our school is through the Character Education class. Ms. Mihalov has a series of lessons that will creatively present these to students.

Health and Physical Education with Mr. Vete

In health class students learn about the new Food/Exercise Pyramid model for nutrition and practice how to say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. There are also guest speakers like the school counselor, school nurse, and behavior specialist who highlight topics like avoiding drugs and alcohol, proper hygiene, and conflict resolution skills. In physical education class students participate in the President's Physical Fitness Challenge, use the indoor climbing wall, and play basketball on the outdoor sport court. There is also a fitness room with rowing machines, treadmills, and an elliptical machine.

A new exercise program has been added to the PE program called “Exertainment”. “Exertainment" combines fun fitness activities with video and audio technology. Students perform a variety of moderate to vigorous exercises for at least 30 minutes from a video that is projected on a giant "movie like" screen by an LCD projector with a great sound system. The videos are age and skill level appropriate and taught by certified instructors. Unlike other exergaming systems like Dance, Dance Revolution and Wii, an entire class can participate. Students in this program participate in low-impact aerobic workouts, yoga, kick box cardio (Tae Bo), circuit training workouts, dance (hip hop), Pilates, BOSU, and resistance training (body bar and dumbbells).

Art with Mrs. Spangler

The art classes focus on the art elements and principles of design throughout project units. Students will gain a visual vocabulary of art as well as being introduced to artist such as: Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollack, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, etc.  Students enhance their creativity though a variety of different media such as oil pastel, printmaking, paper, drawing, jewelry making, sculpture, and a various painting techniques will be explored. Some of our assignments are done collaboratively or individually. Students are encouraged to try something new every week or continue working on one piece. Their hard work is put on display throughout the school.

Music with Mr. Foster

In music class students are exposed to music in all forms from learning to sing and read music, playing music games like limbo and Rhythm Sticks, and participating in the Christmas and Dr. Seuss sing-alongs. As special treats, 4th and 5th grade students are given the opportunity to participate in the band, 3rd grade students learn to play recorders, and 2nd and 4th graders travel to a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra concert.
Students will enhance their reading, writing and character education in Computer Class. Younger students will experience multimedia lessons to provide practice of the PATHs curriculum concepts as well as phonics and reading skills to introduce them to basic computer skills and keyboarding. Different educational websites will be introduced and software such as Kidspiration will be used to “bring reading and writing to life”. Older students will further apply keyboarding skills integrated with academic and interpersonal/character education to monthly theme “free writes” utilizing Microsoft Office programs and also complete CyberHunts. In CyberHunts, students learn how to navigate web sites, scan a page for detailed information, and then apply the facts or ideas to questions and eventually create a summative written paragraph following the Four Square Writing organizer. A CyberHunt is an excellent way to teach beginning internet researching skills. Computer class will be the place to experience the product (purpose) of their academic classroom learning by applying, synthesizing and publishing personal knowledge using computers and technology.
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