Federal Programs / Title I

Welcome to Federal Programs!

We are here to build support for our children. The Department of Education offers helpful programs for our school improvement efforts. We use federal funds and implement federal programs to ensure that all our students achieve. The Sto-Rox School District diligently applies for and carefully utilizes all available funds from varied federal funding sources. We strive to use federal dollars to fashion academic initiatives and deliver important educational services to our children, who deserve our very best effort!

Sto-Rox School District complies with hundreds of pages of statutes, regulations and guidance for the Department of Education, and adheres to a federal program review system that meets the criteria for many high quality learning programs.

In compliance with Federal Program mandates, it is the intent and goal of the Sto-Rox School District to deliver rigorous customized instruction to every child, to provide dynamic leadership, to employ highly qualified teachers and staff, and to design the best academic plan for each and every child we serve.

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally-funded education program that provides financial assistance to improve academic opportunities for disadvantaged children. Our Title I funds provide financial assistance to the Sto-Rox School District, which serves a high number of poor children. Title I funds support exciting learning programs for our children, especially in Reading and Math.  At Sto-Rox, Title I programs and activities help our elementary school children to meet high performance standards in Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics. In schools with over 40% poverty, Title I funds are used to upgrade the curriculum and launch vital school wide programs.
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