Assisted Lunch Program

The Sto-Rox School District has been approved for 100% free breakfasts and lunches for all students for the 2017/18 school year. Parents and guardians are encouraged to file an application for school lunches through the link below for our district to continue to receive this status from the state.

Free or Reduced Lunch

PA DHS - County Assistance Office Contact Information

Applications must be on file in order to extend the free or reduced services. Applications must be renewed each school year.

Applications must be received by Oct. 1st. After this date if a completed lunch application is not submitted your student will be considered full paid status for breakfast and lunch. You will be notified by mail within 14 days of your status. You will be responsible for all charges incurred before acceptance into the program.

For additional information, please contact Tina Nagel at (412) 771-3213 x5217

The Nutrition Group

The Nutrition Group transforms school breakfast and lunch into nutritious, lively and fun programs that students and faculty eagerly participate in. Our school meals are healthy, diverse and appealing, with the main focus always being on the student. The primary goal is to create a setting that helps them make the right choices and perform at their best. Eating healthy and making the right decisions about what to eat plays a big part in this effort. It is our intent to support them however possible in their growth.

We create engaging, interesting and comfortable dining atmospheres through professional and practical design, as well as creative marketing and special events. We are actively involved in Youth Advisory Councils (YAC), Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and various community organizations in providing nutritional education. We welcome and value any input from the parents and students.

To learn more about wellness, please visit the Wellness section of our website. Read The Scoop on Nutrition.

The Nutrition Group, Inc.

To provide a safe, economical school food service operation that supports sound nutrition programs for students through nourishing, well-balanced meals while following wellness guidelines.

Sto-Rox School District Food Service Managed by The Nutrition Group, Inc.
Lisa Hatton
Food Service Director
(412) 771-3213 x1055
[email protected]

Promoting nutrition integrity in our schools is a cooperative effort between parents, students, food service professionals, teachers and our nursing staff.
  • Nutrition standards are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • All foods sold to children in school will ensure a balance between optimal nutrition and what the students will enjoy eating.
  • Daily menus will be planned in accordance with PDE standards, ensuring consistency with dietary allowances and guidelines, and when consumed will contribute to the development of lifelong healthy eating habits.


Pre-Pay Options - Snap Program

You can avoid that last minute rush for lunch money by pre-paying at your school cafeteria. Take advantage of this anytime during the school year. When sending in checks, please make your check  payable to SRSD Caféteria Fund and mark on the “memo” section the student name for this check. If you are sending in the funds with your child to pre-pay at the register during the school day, please have it enclosed in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and grade.

SRSD Meal Charge Policy

(for those who occasionally forget lunch money)The Sto-Rox School District will maintain the following procedures when handling instances of a student not having money to pay for meals in all of the School District Buildings:
  1. Any student who does not have money for a meal on a particular day may request a charge at the point of sale with the cashier. The charge is expected to be paid on the following school day.
  2. If a second request to charge a meal is made by a student, without the previous charge having been paid, it may be granted. The two charges are expected to be paid on the following day.
  3. In the event that a third charge is requested, without the two previous charges having
    been paid, it may be granted. A letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian informing them that no further charges will be allowed and BAG LUNCHES will be provided to the student. After the third charge, the student will be provided with an Alternative Reimbursable Meal, described below, rather than the meals offered on the menu on that day.
  4. Ala Cart items cannot be charge.
  5. Students with three unpaid charges will not be permitted to purchase ala carte items until the unpaid charges are paid; however, students with unpaid charges will continue to be permitted to purchase full meals, or bring a pack lunch from home.
  6. Periodic follow-up letters or telephone calls will be made to the parent/guardian updating them on the outstanding balances.
  7. Other efforts and processes may be employed to collect the unpaid charges.
  8. Unpaid charges will be cumulative from year to year and any remaining unpaid charges at the time of graduation will be a basis for withholding the student's diploma.
Alternative Reimbursable Breakfast
Cereal or Toast
Fruit Juice, Vegetable, or Fresh Fruit
Meat/Meat Alternative

Alternative Reimbursable Lunch
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich or Cheese Sandwich
One serving of Vegetable
One serving of Fruit
Chef Salads

(no cookies, chips, or snack cakes are permitted to be purchased until the balance on account is paid in full)

Program Services

Nutritional Education services available; contact Food Service Director for information.
Breakfast offered at all schools
Choice of cereals and yogurts available daily, along with fresh fruit and the regular breakfast menu.
Nutritionally balanced lunches that meet federal guidelines by offering the following:
Choice of entrée, sandwich, salad, vegetable, fruit and milk daily. We operate on the offer vs. serve, which means students must take 3 out of 4 components for breakfast and 3 out of 5 for lunch.

P.A.C. and Y.A.C.

Nutrition, Inc. believes that students are most valuable customers; therefore, it is our goal to form a YAC ~ Youth Advisory Committee in each school. Students will be asked to take part in planning a lunch or breakfast menu for a week. As per National School Lunch Program Requirements, Food Service Management Companies shall comply with the provisions of 210.16 (a) regarding the establishment of an advisory board of parents, teachers, and students  or PAC. If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact Sara Mastrine, Food Service Director, at (412) 771-3213 x1055.
All School Nutrition Program (SNP), Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors are required to utilize the following Nondiscrimination Statement on documents provided to the public.
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