4th Grade

What to Expect in the 4th grade!

Welcome to 4th grade! You, your child, and the 4th grade teachers all form a team!  A rewarding year will be accomplished by working together. We are all part of the success!  Here are a few important things to know about 4th grade.



Parent/Teacher communication is essential in your child’s education. One way to communicate is through the use of your child’s agenda. The students have a binder to hold their agenda. Your child will write their homework down each day in the agendaand their teacher will initial the assignment. Their behavior points and the initials of your child’s homeroom teacher will be written in the agenda at the end of each day.  Please be sure to review and initial your child’s agenda each night.


Switching Classes:

In fourth grade, the students switch classes for Reading and Math. The students travel with their homeroom for Science and Social Studies.



Each nine weeks your child will receive a progress report and report card. Progress Reports are sent home mid-way through each report period.  Report cards will be issued after each nine-week period. A letter grade is given for Reading, Language Arts, Math Science, and Social Studies. Art, Music, Gym, Media (Library), Spanish and STEAM are on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system.



Homework is a valuable aid in helping students through a positive educational experience. It is useful in reinforcing, extending, and generalizing concepts taught in class and develops good study habits. We expect students to try their best work on their homework. Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children. Homework should be given top priority. Please provide the necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, set a daily homework time, and provide praise and support. Don’t let your child avoid homework. Please contact us if a problem is beginning to develop. If there is a legitimate reason why a homework assignment cannot be completed, please let us know.



When your child is absent, an excuse must be sent in explaining why your child is absent. The excuse should be brought in when your child returns. A note should also be sent in if your child is tardy or has an early dismissal. Please remind your child to give their homeroom teacher the note upon his or her arrival.



If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, please call any 4th grade teacher to schedule a phone conference or set up a meeting time.

4th Grade Teachers

 Mr. Timothy Athanas
Mrs. Reita Campbell
Mrs. Ashley Dickinson
Mrs. Amanda Pollock
Mr. Terry Spencer 

4th grade Welcome


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