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Junior/Senior High School Administration and Offices

Mr. Tim Beck - Ext. 1010
Mrs. Beth Harvey  - Ext. 1000
Mr. Joe Herzing - Grades 10-12  - Ext. 4103
Mrs. Stacy Huber - Grades 7-9 - Ext. 4104
Mr. Chris Captline - Ext. 1203
Mr. Sam Weaver - Ext. 1020
Mrs. Darcy Mueller  - Ext. 1040

Administration Announcements

Board Policy #213 - Participation and Attendance

Dear Parents and Students,
Board Policy #213 was established in 2016 and is based in the grading system of grades 7-12. 

Policy #213 establishes a direct correlation between school attendance and academic performance. Students receive higher grades by being in school and for being there on-time. 20% of each student's grade is based on individual class participation; thus, students receive higher grades by being in class, on-time. If a student does not attend or is late to class, they receive less or no credit for participation; thus, lower grades as a result.

Policy #213 also mandates that if students are absent without a legal excuse, they are not permitted to retake any assessment and receive a "0" for that assessment. It is imperative that students attend school regularly but if they must be absent, a legal excuse must be provided to the school within three (3) school days. Without any legal excuses, students will receive a "0" for participation and a "0" for any assessment given on the day of the illegal absence.

This policy is being enforced by the staff of the Junior/Senior High School. Please encourage your students to be in school, on-time and participating in their classes each day. If you have any questions, please contact my office at extension 1010. 
Thank you,
Principal Tim Beck
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